Cold starters

The tradition of Dalmatia and the proud of Slavonia, connected in the form of smoked ham and slavonian piquant sausage with young onion and capers

95 kn

Carpaccio of black angus beef served on rucula salad with capers

110 kn

Cheese from Dalmatia, with autochthonous herbs and spices, served with olives and oil from the island Šolta

  85 kn

Goat and cow milk cheese paired with istrian truffles, served with domestic honey of sage

105 kn

Red roasted pepper stuffed with a cream of salted cream cheese, fresh ruccula salad, dalmatian smoked ham and garlic

80 kn

«Gourmet piquant salted plate», for refined palates; recognizable goat cheese, coated with salted anchovies, in combination with mild sweet piquant peppers.

90 kn

Marinated fillets of saddled bream and baby shrimps dressed with citrus juice and olive oil

90 kn

Carpaccio of the yellowfin premium tuna completed with black fermented garlic and roasted seeds of pine nuts                                          

 110 kn

Tatar of yellowfin premium sashimi tuna fish with spicy pesto of salted anchovies and black olives from the Island Šolta

120 kn

Gourmet platters for sharing

Farming platter, the connection of dalmatian smoked ham and slavonian

piquant sausage with mediteranean cheeses, with the addition of herbs,

capers, young small onions and olives from the Island Šolta.

180 kn for two persons, 270 kn for three persons

Sweet cheese platter, a selection of croatian cheeses in combination with

marmelade of figs and traditional honey of sage.

190 kn for two persons, 285 kn for three persons

Fishermans platter, carpaccio and tatar of tuna fish, marinated fillets of saddled bream and baby shrimps, fish pâté surrounded by sweet chilli peppers and salted anchovies

rolled around goat cheese.

250 kn for two persons, 375 kn for three persons


Clear fish soup, pleasant to the eye and faithful to the taste of our traditional

50 kn

Daily soup 

50 kn

Big salads

A refreshing mixed salad with young sheep cheese and olives from the Island Šolta

85 kn

Dalmatian smoked ham served on rucula salad and sipped with cheese Grana Padano

105 kn

Our wine recommendation

Galić Rose

Markus Rose

Chateau Miraval (Jolie, Pitt and Perrin) Rose

Sea delicacies

daily offer depends on fishing catch

Steak of premium tuna fish, served with a homemade dressing of forrest fruits and peppermint

150 kn

Wine recommendation: Markus Rose, Galić bijelo 9, Burica Dobričić

Steak of premium swordfish, served with mangel and cooked potatoes

175 kn

Wine recommendation: Chateau Miraval, Pošip Ego by Slaven Jeličić, Grk Bire

Fillet of cod fish with a mousse of shrimp tails and young carrots sauteed in butter and reduced in white wine

190 kn 

Wine recommendation: Graševina Galić, Pošip Intrada, Galić Bijelo 9

First class white fish grilled (like Seabass, Seabream, Great Amberjack, Rhombus, Shadow…)

450 kn / 1 kg

Wine recommendation: Šipun Žlahtina, Pošip Intrada, Galić Bijelo 9

Grouper (Red Dragonfish), Dental fish, Sean Pierre and other wild white fish  grilled on fire

600 kn / 1 kg 

Wine recommendation: Graševina Galić, Pošip Intrada, Pošip Stina Majstor

Prawns roasted 400 gr., sipped with a mild dressing of orange juice, homemade sauce of basil , fresh parsley and mediteranean herbs

190 kn

Wine recommendation: Galić Rose, Pošip Ego by Slaven Jeličić, Grk Bire

Prawns and shells in a reduced sauce of white fish and traces of tomatoes with garlic, parsley and olive oil


205 kn per person

Wine recommendation: Markus Rose, Pošip Intrada, Grk Bire

Mussels cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, lavender, dill, aceto balsamico and chilli peppers


150 kn per person

Wine recommendation: Graševina Galić, Chardonnay Krauthaker, Galić Bijelo 9



„White brodetto“ white fish, crabs and mussels cooked on a fishermans way in wine with olive oil and onion

 200 kn per person

Wine recommendation: Markus Rose, Pošip Ego by Slaven Jeličić, Pošip Stina Majstor


«Fish peka», daily offer of fresh white fish in white wine with olives, potatoes and vegetables

 1 kg / 610 kn

Wine recommendation: Galić rose, Pošip Intrada, Stina Pošip Majstor


Meat delicacies

Veal  cheeks dressed in a reduced sauce of Zindandel wine and spices, with a slight emphasized robustness of ginger and chilli, with cornmeal.

195 kn

Wine recommendation: Markus Merlot, Jacob Syrah, Gracin Babić

Fillet medallions of young veal in combination of roasted cold peppers served  with salted cream cheese and onion

225 kn

Wine recommendation: Burica Dobričić, Galić Crno 9, Jacob Cuvee

Filet of argentinean beef organic farmed, served with a dressing of black fermented garlic, grilled prawn, sliced cheese Grana Padano.

235 kn 

Wine recommendation: Sontacchi Cabernet Franc, Stina Plavac bq, Gracin Babić

Extra side dishes

Mixed season salad

35 kn

Cold served roasted pepper with olive oil, garlic and parsley

45 kn

Cooked vegetables

45 kn

Cooked salted potatoes or roasted potatoes with onion

40 kn 

Cooked mangel with potatoes, garlic and olive oil

40 kn

Basket of  bread

25 kn


Healthy raw cakes (gluten free, vegan, sugar free)

45 kn

Carob cake from island Šolta

45 kn

Retro carrot cake

40 kn

Selection of croatian chesses, served with sage honey and fig marmalade

95 kn

Dessert wine recommendation: Graševina Krauthaker kasna berba (semi sweet)

PDV i kuvert uključeni  u cijenu.  Napojnica nije uključena. 

Tax and couvert included in the price. Tip is not included.